D&D in a Castle Deposit, $800 (Comes with $200 Bonus Credit)

D&D in a Castle Deposit, $800 (Comes with $200 Bonus Credit)

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Place your 2024 or 2025 Deposit

Purchase a deposit applicable for any 2024 or 2025 event registration to get advance access to registrations, DM selection, & accommodation bookings along with a discount.

What placing a deposit gets you:

  • Savings of the current applicable discount per playing guest with a deposit towards any of our 2024 or 2025 D&D in a Castle events ($1,000 credit toward player registration)
  • Early access to choose your round, game mode or DM, & accommodations before they become available to the public.
  • This deposit is refundable for a period of 7 days after purchase, or 7 days after all of the dates and locations for 2025 are announced, whichever is later (you will receive email notice when the 7-day period begins if you purchase before all 2025 dates are announced).

The price of one round of D&D in a Castle in 2024 is $3,250 per person + accommodation, which starts at about $200 per person per night based on double occupancy. The price of one round of D&D in a Castle in 2025 will be similar. 


  • 2024 Spring First Round: April 5-9, 2024 Lumley Castle, UK.
  • 2024 Spring Second Round: April 11-15, 2024 Lumley Castle, UK.
  • 2024 Summer First Round: July 14-18, 2024 Landoll's Mohican Castle, Ohio, USA.
  • More Summer USA Castles, TBA
  • 2024 Fall First Round: Oct. 28 - Nov 1, 2024 Lumley Castle, UK.
  • 2024 Fall Second Round: November 4-8, 2024 Lumley Castle, UK.
  • 2025 Spring: end of March, early April.
  • Other 2025 Dates and Locations TBA.

Your deposit can be used towards registration at any of our 2024 or 2025 events when tickets are released. If you do not apply your deposit to any of our 2024 or 2025 rounds, your deposit will not expire; the amount spent on deposits will remain as credit available in your account with us for any future events (the deposit gift card will be reduced to the amount paid for the deposit at the end of 2025). 

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Registration and Accommodations

Registration at D&D in a Castle includes 4 days of role-play gaming, food prepared by the castle's chefs, and first-class entertainment, all in the setting of a genuine medieval fortress. Guests will play a 3-day campaign with the DM of their choice, and can participate in one-shots run by our special guests, as well as crafting and other activities and events at the castle. Registration includes all meals, from a feast on the first night, to a farewell breakfast on the last morning. A shuttle to and from the castle will be available for guests traveling via Newcastle Airport and Newcastle Train Station.

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