Terms of service

Payments, Cancellation and Refunds

  1. Full refund within 7 days: TVI will provide a full refund of any amounts paid to TVI for registration and/or accommodation at the event, including any deposit paid by the guest, provided the request for refund is made within 7 days of registration. Refund requests pursuant to this Condition must be made by email to contact@dndinacastle.com.

  2. Refund Protection Program: We are offering an optional Refund Protection Program at additional cost which makes all monies fully refundable up until the event itself for a surcharge (as long as you meet the REFUND TERMS & CONDITIONS of the policy).

    • You must purchase this refund protection separately for each individual attending

    • The terms of the policy cover specific reasons for cancellation, including some (but not all) covid-related situations, please read the terms and conditions carefully.

  3. Long term deposits: Any deposits made will hold a registration at the castle until 60 days prior to the Event.

  4. Registration Transfers: All payments may be transferred to a different event until 60 days prior to the event you registered for. Transfers within 60 days may be possible, for example due to covid-related travel restrictions, but will be approved at the discretion of TVI.

    • Note that we will not provide refunds for lack of consideration of current restrictions (i.e. not getting a covid test before traveling if required).

  5. Event Cancellation: If TVI cancels the event, or the registration of a guest, the liability of TVI is limited to the refund of amounts paid by or on behalf of the guest towards registration and/or accommodation at the Event. 

  6. DM Cancellation: If a DM is no longer able to attend the Event, TVI shall replace the DM with another suitable DM of their choosing, and no refund or compensation will be owing by TVI to the guests registered at that DM's table.

Payment of Invoices

  1. Guests shall pay the fees owing for their registration and accommodation at the Event in accordance with the instructions set out in their invoice. 

  2. Guests who fail to pay their invoice by the due date may have their registration cancelled.

  3. Anyone whose registration is cancelled due to non-payment may be refunded in accordance with the refund policy set out herein, or, upon payment of outstanding amounts, may re-register and shall select their DM and accommodation from the options then available.


  1. TVI makes no representations or warranties regarding the DMs, the GMs, the NPCs, the Venue, the service-providers or the other guests at the Event and TVI is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by any DM, GM, NPC, any Venue or Venue staff member, service-provider or guest at the Event.

  2. TVI shall provide one shuttle to the Castle from a location and at a time fixed by TVI in its sole discretion.

  3. TVI shall provide one shuttle from the Castle to a location and at a time fixed by TVI in its sole discretion.

  4. TVI shall advise all guests by email of the time and location of each shuttle at least 30 days prior to the event.

  5. The shuttle shall have capacity for all guests of each round of the Event.

  6. TVI shall not provide compensation for any other form of transportation taken by guests who do not ride the shuttle to or from the Castle.


  1. No persons other than registered guests of the Event are permitted at the Venues during the Event, except with permission of TVI.

  2. All guests must have a validly assigned accommodation option at the Castle. 

  3. Guests may not bring outside food or drink onto the premises of the Venues without consent of TVI.

  4. Guests may not vend, give away or promote in any way any goods or services during the Event to either guests or Dungeon Masters without consent of TVI.

Media and Photography

  1. Guests may take photographs or video for personal use only, subject to Condition 3 of under Media and Photography, below.

  2. Guests may record or share images or video of the Dungeon Masters present at the Event only with the permission of the Dungeon Master.

  3. TVI hereby gives notice that common areas of the Venues will be considered public spaces for the purpose of media capture such as video and photography, and that such media may be used by TVI or its sponsors or affiliates for commercial or other purposes. Registration and attendance at the Event shall be taken as consent by guests to such use of their image and waiver of any right to compensation in connection with such use and as consideration for attendance at the Event. No unilateral revocation of such consent shall be taken to override this condition unless expressly accepted in writing by TVI.

Indemnity and Risk

  1. Guests shall indemnify and save harmless TVI, their employees, heirs or assigns, for damage or loss of any kind, caused by the actions of the guest, whether negligent, willful or otherwise.

  2. Guests assume the risk of all activities in which they elect to participate in connection with the Event.

  3. TVI and their employees, heirs or assigns, are not responsible for any loss or damage to property or person during or as a result of the Event. 

Harassment & Removal Policy

Our overnight events involve long periods of time for guests in close quarters. As such, Tabletop Vacations Inc (“TVI”) takes responsibility for the comfort and enjoyment of all guests seriously and reserves the right to take action to ensure a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all guests.

  1. Guests agree to treat all players, DMs, staff, volunteers, and all others present at or participating in the event with respect, courtesy and goodwill.

  2. Harassment and unacceptable behaviour by a guest, whether towards other guests, Dungeon Masters, staff or volunteers of either the Venues or the Event, constitute a breach of contract by the guest and will not be tolerated. 

  3. Harassment and unacceptable behavior include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Repeatedly ignoring requests from your DM and other players to change your, or your character’s behavior.

    • Unwanted physical touch or sexual advances or remarks towards another player or their character, in-game or out-of-game.

    • Racist, sexist, homophobic, or other hate speech.

    • Use or dealing of illegal drugs.

    • Gross intoxication.

    • Repeated disregard for the terms and conditions contained herein.

  4. TVI reserves the right to limit or terminate the participation of any guest whose conduct is seriously impacting the safety or comfort of other guests. 

  5. Anyone engaging in harassing or unacceptable behaviour may be required to leave the room, or their campaign, or the Event itself, and if so, will forfeit any right to refund of any costs or any compensation whatsoever for their loss of participation or the manner of their removal.

  6. TVI maintains the sole responsibility for deciding if guests and players should be removed from the event or from their campaign or from the room they are in, and will contract the use of security staff to ensure a safe and swift removal if necessary.

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